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Hi, I'm Hadis :)

I  am a multidisciplinary designer and educator skilled in customer psychology and user experience design. I did my masters in computational media (HCI) from UC Santa Cruz, combined with my bachelors in computer science, and my experience in art and design, makes me an exceptional UX and product designer. Also interested in public speaking.

What led me to user experience design

My interest the fields of psychology coupled with my background and experience in art and computer science, and my strong problem-solving and organizational skills led me to the field of user experience and interaction design.

What is my educational background 

I did my bachelors in computer science with a minor in UX and earned my master's degree in computational media with focus on interaction design, and continued to educate myself in human-centered design, technology, and design thinking during and after my academic education.

What do I do 

Since my graduation in March 2020, I am a general UX designer at Neuro Leap, working on designing interactive therapy media for children with special needs. I was also a MS HCI lecturer at University of California, Santa Cruz.

What I do out of the work

As an ENFP, when I am not designing, I am creating art such as, drawing, oil painting, fabric painting (Feel free to check them out here), listening to good musics, singing and dancing. I also enjoy spending some time at the library every week, choose a quiet place, sit, relax and read my fav subjects. (Here you can check my current reading list).