User Experience Designer

I  am a multidisciplinary designer skilled in media psychology and digital media production: experience design, video game, motion and animation. I have a M.S. in computational media from UCSC, combined with my B.S. in computer science, and my experience in art and design, makes me an exceptional digital product designer. I am also interested in public speaking.

What led me to user experience design

I have always been interested in human psychology coupled with my engineering background experience in visual design and my strong problem-solving and organizational skills led me to the user experience and interaction design field.I earned my master's degree in interaction design and continued to educate myself in human-centered design, technology, and design thinking during and after my academic education.

What I have been doing

Since my graduation, I am a user experience designer at Neuro Leap, working on the therapy app for children with special need. During spring 2021, I've been a game production lecturer at University of California, Santa Cruz.

What I do out of the work

As an ENFP, when I do not work I usually listen to music, sing and create art.